Reusable Mask

undercover cotton reusable masks are a practical & affordable way to follow the CDC's recommendation that all Americans wear cloth face masks in public settings.  

- A comfortable breathable cotton mask to protect you in public settings

- 100% soft stretchable, breathable cotton

- Unique 3-layer design. Water resistant, anti-dust outer layer. Middle and inner layer are antibacterial cotton layers

- Antibacterial & antimicrobial 

- Independent Third-Party Lab Tested 

- Significantly reduces intake of foreign airborne particulates

- Apply ear loops around both ears and gently pull mask upwards towards chin to nose

- Hand wash with cold water only. Air dry

Please note: This is not for medical use and is not being advertised/sold as a medical face mask.  These masks are not FDA approved and we make no medical claims aside from lab tested results performed by 3rd party agencies.